10 Best Destinations for Entertainment in Illinois

The climate of Illinois is very surreal. It has normal snowfall in winters, average rainfall in rainy seasons and humid weather in summer. Thus it is the best climate for exploring the varied different places and nearby regions of Illinois, and Chicago. There are many fascinating natural locations, historic sites as well as amusement parks and entertaining activities to do. Here is the list of 10 Best destinations in Illinois where you have many entertaining things to do :

1. Lake Michigan

Lake Michigan is a part of the lake of the five Great Lakes of North America. It is laid on a land area of 58000 square kilometres. It is one of the parts of more than five cities.

Various activities you can do here like you can visit Waren Dunes State Park’s sandy dunes. Also, you get the chance to swim in the fresh, clear and cold waters of the lake. There are many different points to explore here.

You would enjoy this place because it is connected to various best spots in the state. So that a tourist can enjoy having a road trip while having craft beer drinks. You can visit the Civil Era-old churches to stay in retro-chic inns. 

2. Grand View Drive

Grand View Drive located in Peoria, is a scenic road built in 1906. It is all about two and a half miles long. 

Various activities you can do here are you can visit the incredible Illinois River and also the luxurious historic homes. You will roam and drive as it has a one and three-quarter-mile-long cleared walkway.

You would enjoy this place because you will get to see the beautiful scenes inside a park. Also, there are sports courts to play on, people play sand volleyball and baseball. Here, children can play and enjoy their picnic with various playground games.

3. Woodfield Mall

It is one of the largest shopping malls in the state having 2150557 square feet. It is located between Golf Road and interstate 290. 

Inside this 2 million square foot mall, you’ll get lost in a shopping spree. As it has 230 shops and services to get explored. 

You would enjoy this place because it will earn you cash from your favourite stores like Aeropostale, and Disney Store. You can dine where you get a simple snack to luxury chocolate boutiques.

4. Blaum Bros. Distilling Co.

It is located in Galena. Blaum Bros. Distilling Co. was founded in 2013. It is well known for its distilling history which shows its authenticity.

Add a visit to Blaum Bros. to your rundown of what to do in Illinois today. They’ll not just show you their cycle. You’ll likewise have the option to contact and taste the fixings they utilized for their spirits. Kids are even invited on the visit. Also, assuming your original name is ‘Gus,’ you might in fact get the visit free.

5. Shawnee National Forest

Shawnee National Forest is located in Harrisburg which is between the Mississippi and Ohio rivers. The area is about 265616 acres. 

Various activities you can do here are you can visit top places. Like clear and fresh lakes having a natural beauty is an awesome view.

You would enjoy this place because it has tourist spot areas like Jackson Falls and Garden of the Gods.  

6. Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum

It was founded in 2005, and it is the most visited Presidential Library in the country. 

Various activities you can do is you can learn all things about the late president’s life. Also get to know more about the American Civil war.

You would enjoy this place because it will provide you best walking experience inside through it. Start exploring the White House through Abe Lincoln’s boyhood cabin till the 16th President of the US.

7. Six Flags Great America

Six Flags Great America is in Gurnee which is in a 123-hectare area of the Amusement park. It is founded in 1984. It is the largest theme park, having more than 45 rides. The park has great attractions and spots to explore. 

Adventurous various activities like water rides to Arial rides. You would enjoy this place because it has various different rides on scenic railway and Goliath.  

8. Waren New Port Public Library

In July 1972, Waren New Port Public Library was initiated. Initially, it was a bookmobile service centre founded by the Gurnee Women’s Club. It was made public in 1997. 

Various activities you can do here are roaming around the library and searching for your favourite book to read. It has over 777,000 book pieces of various genres.

Spend some hours in the Warren Newport Library on your holidays.

9. Caterpillar Visitors Centre

Caterpillar Visitors Centre is a community museum. 

Have you ever longed for being a development specialist just to drive a CAT digger?

Presently you can see them very close when you visit the exhibition hall.

Get more familiar with the organization’s set of experiences and even have the opportunity to plan your own CAT vehicle.

Among the state’s famous vacation destinations, CAT resembles a little glimpse of heaven to design to-be and development fans. Here, you can test your riding and working abilities on a test system.

You could plunk down on one of the farm trucks.

10. The Art Institute of Chicago

The Art Institute of Chicago is founded in 1879, located in Grant Park downtown. It is a very historic site and the only place where the oldest art museums were located in the country. 

Various activities you can do here like exploring the Artworks from ancient and Byzantine works to photography and textiles. If you are an Art professional or an Art enthusiast this is the best place to visit on weekend holidays.

You would enjoy this place because it will add a benefit to your travel list. As you have got the opportunity to visit such a major Art Museum of Illinois. This Art Museum has 300000 works. Art aficionados can explore the arts of famous artists like Pablo Picasso, Grant Wood and Edward.  

10 Best Destinations for Entertainment in Illinois

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